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omg this totally made my day.

if you type in "what does" into google search the first possible anser that pops up is "what does YOLO mean?" Win


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So pretty much im your average, sheltered, 15 yearold girl who loves to read and learn new facts. You'll usually find me watching cartoons, reading fanfics, watching fanvids, or reading a good'ol Mystery book!

i take pride in my grades and most of my conversations start off with either a school or cartoon related topic.
I take french and hope to learn the language completely. i also take dance and have fallen in love with it. i enjoy going to plays with my school and making comments on fanvids on youtube.
I'm rarely into the current fashions and prefere to where T-Shirts and loose jeans. i dont wear or own anything pink. I only wear makeup on special occasions finding it a waste of time and product to wear makeup everyday just to go to highschool, where nobody really cares what you look like because they're too worried about how they look and-....oh here i am babbling sorry, i do that alot

And although i'm usually goofy and caring i find that im a very emotioanlly detatched person. i rarely get sad, angry, worried, jealous, or feel let down. so i often have a hard time connecting with people, which is why i appear anit-social. it kind of freaks me out sometimes when i don't feel anything

i dislike the feeling of being left in the dark and find it frusterating when i don't completely understand something. So i do alot of researching and googling things when i can't figure it out on my own. I try to see the best in others (as cliche as that sounds) and try not to judge. i see almost everybody as a friend or acquaintance dispite my somewhat anti-social ways. Most of my firends, i find, are the outsiders or 'misfits' in our grade (myself included) and i find us a very interesting group and i love them all.

so thats about it I guess

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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no thank you!!! im so honored! so does that mean i can publish my own Shingeki no kyojin art on here too? thank you again!! out of curiosity how did you find me!!???!!???!
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Of course you can! The group is for us all, for fans! And, how we find you? Hm, I think it is just talent. :D
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your welcome
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